Instagram has been showing me a lot of food photography courses lately. They talk about composition, equipment, lighting… absolutely professional and stunning. 

Would I like try it out someday? Sure. 
Do I feel the need to right now? No. 

For me, the point of art is to lose myself in the moment through play and experimentation. Whether it’s culinary, art, photography, writing, movement… I want to have fun, and signing up for a course is way off the mark. 

That said, I do get imposter syndrome from time to time. As an artist / creator / whatever you want to call it, sometimes I use my work as a direct reflection of my worth. 

👉🏼 I get a million ideas but never implement any because I’m afraid it’ll never live up to expectations. 

👉🏼 I strive for the ‘perfect shot’ but never share anything because none of them are ‘good enough’. 

👉🏼 I second guess my choices and wonder if there’s someone out there criticising my work. 

But I’m learning not to take things (and myself!) too seriously. 

So I’ll plate my food how I want, and continue taking photos with my dingy window-side low-table set up. And when it comes down to it, composition, equipment, and lighting ain’t got nothing on my appetite. 

My glamorous food photography set up 🙃

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