I search for something to say next. Something that doesn’t sound like an excuse.

Because truth be told, we’ve had this discussion several times before. And it always ends the same way…  

I stare dejectedly at my response. Is that the best I can do?

Now, before I continue, I think it’s important you have a bit of backstory. So here’s a brief timeline:

Throughout this time, I’ve always maintained a strong passion for all things creative – photography, videography, drawing, painting… (Sadly not dancing. The only dance move I know is the floss, and even then, my coordination is terrible).

Instagram was my only creative outlet (shameless plug: search @wennlynnn). It’s the main place where I upload my work, and friends have often asked if I’ve considered selling my art. I’ve even done commission pieces for a few…

… I just never thought it would be a “stable career”.  

But if 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that job security can be an illusion. Anything can change. Even something as small as a virus can change your job status.  

So here I am. I’ve done biomedicine, research, marketing and now engineering… Stuff I like, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that they get me leaping out of bed everyday fuelled with enthusiasm.

And when I think about it, do I want to spend my life pounding away at a career I’m not excited about? Do I want to continue climbing, only to realise that my ladder is propped against the wrong wall?


And so this is my first step. Towards what – I’m not entirely sure. But I’m willing to try; to see what I can make of this creative journey. As my friend put it so well, no harm in putting yourself out there right? (Z, if you’re reading this I am so grateful for you.)

I don’t have everything figured out yet, and I know this website’s rather primitive (I slapped it together in 48 hours ok – cut me some slack). But hey the fun is in the process; and taking messy action is better than doing nothing at all. So I’m jumping on and making my first post before I chicken out yet again.

And if you’re onboard for the ride, welcome, I appreciate you ❤️ Stay tuned, because this is just the beginning 😉

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